Sports Facilities

Facilities for Athletes
and Teams

Central Football / Rugby field with athletics track

Match Algarve features a grass field fit to host tournaments, with athletics tracks, private locker rooms and a small stand with capacity for 2.000 people.

8 Football / Rugby fields with private accommodation

Teams may rent each field with total privacy, next to a private accommodation unit with capacity to welcome teams and all their staff, together with conference rooms and lounges. These private accommodation units may be separated from each other, and from other clubs, media and visitors.

8 Tennis Courts

8 Tennis courts with different types of flooring.

36-hole Footgolf course

A fast growing and recently developed leisure sport activity which combines the fundamentals of golfing with the technical abilities of football. The field resembles that of a golf course and shall occupy 25000m2. This shall be the first Footgolf course in the world which has not been adapted from a golf course or other.

Physical Maintenance Circuits

Using the already existing rural paths, there will be physical training circuits, off-road and BTT.

Grass-covered field and swimming pool

This equipment with a ludic nature, for physical preparation and recovery for teams and athletes.

Sports medical centre and High performance training unit

Bearing in mind the needs of high competition athletes, Mach Algarve features a high quality Sports medical centre and a High performance training unit, designed for medical/sports research and development, diagnosis and recovery of athletes, thus being equipped with the required diagnosis, therapy and research means, for the training and physical and mental development of athletes and coaches.

Gym and SPA

Taking advantage of all the sports infrastructures of the Centre and some of the most advanced technology in this field, this part of Match Algarve gives you extra means of assessment and physical condition tests and also gyms.